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Facial Eczema Tolerance

Kaahu Stud uses only facial eczema tested and tolerant rams.

The original stud rams and ewes were chosen from the most facial eczema tolerant flocks.  These flocks began testing in 1984 with a company called Stock SAFETI for sporidesmin susceptibility.  The stud sires used at Kaahu have been tested with a dose rate of up to 0.6mg/kg liveweight.

The top 10% of Kaahu ram hoggets, based on production and conformation, are tested for facial eczema tolerance by RamGUARD.  The top 2% are retained as stud sires.

Kaahu Stud is Facial Eczema Gold™ certified.


Kaahu 95/13 is our leading sire in 2015 on SIL-ACE Dual Purpose Production (DPP) index. He ranked first for growth on the NZOSR Sire Summary DPG Trait Leaders SIL selection report (January 2015). Kaahu 95/13 was chosen to represent the Coopworth breed in the Central Progeny Test for 2015 and had semen collected at ABS.

Kaahu Stud's mixed age ewes lambing percentage is 188% average weaned, and the ewe hoggets lambing percentage is 123% average weaned.

Worm Resistance/Resilience

At Kaahu we use Zoetis' WormSTAR® DNA worm resistance test in our selection program. Sire selection is based on zero dags and open breech.


DNA testing by Zoetis is used to select for the MyoMAX® lean muscle gene in our breeding program.  Kaahu Stud is able to select stud sires from rams carrying 2 copies (Gold) of the MyoMAX® gene.  Ram hoggets are also weighed and eye muscle scanned (EMA) to select for  fast early growth and a lean carcass. 

As part of our continual evaluation of the breeding selection program a sample of Kaahu Stud's top ram hoggets were Computed Tomography (CT) scanned at Lincoln University. The results confirm the direction Kaahu Stud is taking.


We pay particular attention to both foot shape and conformation.  The Footrot Gene-Marker Test (FGMT) is used on potential stud sires to measure their immunity to infection.